Who we are

Wendy’s Bakery evolved from desperation rather than want.  I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease at the age of 45. I struggled with various health, mental and physical issues before being diagnosed. My health and lifestyle changed dramatically after being diagnosed and once I took on a gluten free diet but not 100% to my satisfaction. I always felt there was still something not quite right.  I became aware of “Banting Lifestyle” from our dear Prof Noakes and decided to do intense research and study into this lifestye.  I was impressed with the information I gathered and amazing results others were achieving.  I decided to give it a try.  I'm so glad I did.
As an added bonus I lost the extra few kg I had struggled to shake via various diets and eating plans.   The main benefit was my overall health and wellbeing changed to the 100% I was looking for, within a month.  My energy levels were amazing.  As a Coeliac we suffer with lack of energy.
At that stage there was a dire shortage of products available which didn't taste like cardboard. My solution was to  bake and make my own products.  This then became Wendy’s Bakery.

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