Suger-free products

Our products are totally sugar free.  We make
use of erythretol a sugar substitute.

Wheat free Products

In place of grains we use seed and nut flours
which are ground in our factory.

Gluten free Products

We guarantee that there is no possibility of
being glutened.  We do not stock or use any gluten products in the factory

Sweet baked

Fresh is best.  Wendy's Bakery bake to order.  Everyone likes a little something sweet without the guilt or side effects of an allergy or illness.  Click on the link and see our mouth watering items.  The most important ingredient is LOVE /sweet-baked

Savoury baked

For the not so sweet tooth.  Wendy's Bakery have a variety of savoury items for you to choose from.  We bake to order. The most important ingredient is LOVE../savoury-baked

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